Survival Harvesting

Welcome to “Survival Harvesting.”

This site is dedicated to exploring and developing a harvesting lifestyle, so that individuals, families and communities can survive and thrive no matter what happens. Harvesting brings up the concept of collecting what is available in a systematic way. It presumes that some work may have preceded gathering the harvest, as typically occurs in agricultural practice. But it doesn’t preclude what might be called foraging, that is collecting what is naturally occurring without having sown seeds, or farmed in any formal sense.

I started this site to¬†support the publication of a series of “harvesting” books, the first of which is “Survival Fish Harvesting,” now available on Amazon as a softcover or Kindle download. This book will soon be followed by others that will look at water, trees, shrubs and plants, as well as small game and birds. My fish book simply examines various ways to harvest the fish, with no thought to encouraging the growth or increase of this resource. Future efforts in this series will explore managing the environment to ensure a more plentiful supply of the harvest. Most if the techniques discussed in “Survival Fish Harvesting” are illegal in most jurisdictions and are meant to be used in survival situations. Some of the techniques are legal in certain areas, with certain species and during certain seasons. It is up to you to determine the legal applicability of any of these techniques to your area. This site is meant to be educational not advocative.